professional and affordable digital web services

Special for 2018 !

Our special for this year for only N$ 3500 includes :

Simple/Basic Website (Static) :

Page : Homepage

Page : About Us

Page : Simple Contact Form + Google Map

Page : Picture Gallery (Static)

Page : Products (Static)

Responsive Design

Personalized Domain

Storage (1GB)

1 Email Address (250 MB)

1 year free hosting

1 year free Site Safety and Security (SSL, Spam Filter)

1 year free Updates (small changes and updates on existing pages)

14 days delivery / ETA of final website design

Benefits of a Website :

a.) Reach a wider audience and obtain new potential clients and make new sales.

b.) Professional appearance by using your own email address when communicating with current or new customers.

c.) Complete your social media page with a website link.

d.) Showcase your Website link on Business Cards and in your email signature.

e.) Increase your Online Presence.

f.) Provides new advertising Opportunities

g.) Increase your competitive edge : your competition has a website, so should you !

h.) It just looks so cool !

When you do decide that you want a website, please provide us with all the necessary information :

1.) What site name do you want ? Ex.

2.) What email addresses would you like ? Ex.

3.) What are your company's contact details ? Ex. Telephone, Mobile, Fax, Email, Address, P.o Box, Facebook link/page, Twitter link, Google+ link

4.) What is your company's Business Profile, Summary, Mission/Goal, History ?

5.) What is your company Logo ? Please provide high quality logo images

6.) Do you have company photos ? Provide pictures of you, your staff, your premises, your products ; etc : your show !

7.) Provide any other information that will help us to fill and forge your website as you want !

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